Owners/Partners tend to monopolise Sales Representatives visits

As you could expect, being a vet is a busy occupation in the UK – lots of patients to see, keeping up with the latest developments etc. Manufacturers aim to build a relationship with the vets, help them to keep up and strive to be in constant touch with them. But in a recent large scale survey of UK vets, CM Research discovered that the employed vets, and locums,  do not benefit as much as the owner/partners.

In July 2011 a total of 569 UK vets shared their opinions towards veterinary suppliers and their sales reps.

Results indicated that almost all practices received a visit from at least one sales representative over a period of 3 months, with only 5% claiming to not have received any.  On average, a veterinary practice receives the visit of around 5 sales representatives.

However, even though most practices receive visits, not all vets speak to sales representatives. Almost one in four haven’t personally spoken to a sales representative in the past 3 months.  Most see about one per month, or even less.

Interestingly, those that do speak to Sales Reps tend to be primarily owners/partners. In a way, owners/partners are concentrating all the knowledge and new information that sales reps try to share, making it more difficult for suppliers to communicate new information with all practising vets. While owner/partners make up about a quarter of vets in a vet practice, they tend to almost half of all sales reps visits. Most of these visits were made by the larger supplies, like Boehringer Ingelheim, Pfizer and Novarits. Not surprisingly larger practices received more visits than smaller ones and their vets personally saw more sales reps. Rural practices received more visits that urban ones.

While there was a close link between increased sales rep visits and high overall evaluation of the supplier, there where instances where vets did not see the benefit of these visits and thus evaluated the supplier quite low. The bottom line is that there are sales reps that vets want to see and those that they have to see, especially if you are an owner/partner.

The survey itself offers a comprehensive view of how veterinary suppliers and their sales representatives perform, who has the best reps and where are the current performance gaps. 569 UK Vets were asked about specific performance measures across areas like support, administration, delivery, etc. For example, the one area where vets were most unsatisfied was with the availability of “free samples”. For more info on this survey contact us as contact@cm-research.com.

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Our online panels >> VetsPanel & PetsPanel


Vetspanel is the first exclusive community for vets and vet nurses where veterinary professionals are rewarded for sharing their opinions on a variety of issues.

Vetspanel is a members only panel where membership is by invitation only.

Currently covering the UK France and Spain, more than 3000 veterinary professionals are part of Vetspanel, these include vets and veterinary nurses.

Be part of Vetspanel, be part of a panel with a difference. Your opinions matter and shape the future of your professional practice. With Vetspanel you have the opportunity to contribute your own questions to a panel of experts like you throughout Europe.


Petspanel is a group of pet owners across Europe who shares their opinions on a variety of small animal issues.

When members take part on our surveys they get to participate in a assortment of attractive prize draws.

Members can choose to participate in online research studies at their own time, update their information or participate in one of our quick polls.

Our surveys may often involve evaluating products which are not on the market yet. So you get to be one of few to get an insight on product innovation and express your opinion on existing products.

Petspanel is dedicated to market research only, so there are no selling, advertising or promotions and we will never disclose your personal details

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What we do » NPD evaluation

With 100’s of NPD projects carried out over the last 20 years we have extensive experience in all stages of the NPD funnel, from idea generation all the way to volume estimation.

  • Idea generation through on-line communities.
  • Idea filtering, identifying the ideas with potential.
  • Concept testing, monadic or sequentially. In conjunction with TargetTest we can optimize concepts so they reach their maximum potential.
  • Conjoint or discrete choice modeling to determine the relative importance of a products attributes. Can also be used to simulate the effect a new product can have on existing products.
  • Volume estimation and cannibalization.
To find out how can we meet your market research requirements, contact us at:

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Did you know about the World Veterinary Day? – April 24th

It was promoted by the World Veterinary Association (WVA) to be celebrated the last Saturday of April. In 2008 the WVA and the World Organisation for Animal Health agreed on the creation of the World Veterinary Day.

In 2011 the world veterinary day will be celebrated on April 24th and it will mark the 250thanniversary of the creation of the first veterinary faculty in the world that was set up in Lyon, France.

The World Veterinary Day Award will be granted in Cape Town, South Africa to the veterinary association with the best publication in the theme “rabies”. According to the WVA, only 10% of financial resources used to treat people after a dog bite would be enough to fund national veterinary services around the world to eradicate rabies in all animals and stop virtually all human cases.

In CM Research, we are experts in consumer and veterinary market research.

Share with us how do you plan to celebrate it…

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BSAVA Congress

BSAVA Congress 2011 Image Banner

Thanks to all the exhibitors who visited the CM Research Stand.

It was great to share with you the results of our online omnibus answered by more than 100 veterinary professionals in the UK.

If you want to find out more information about our services: visit www.cm-research.com

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What we do > Segmentation

segmentationSegmentation is used to determine similarities and differences among target groups in order to divide a market into segments. These segments are comprised of purchasers who are as similar as possible to each other, but also as different as possible from those in other segments. Segments are then selected and profiled to target your marketing. Often called market segmentation studies.

Easier said that done good segmentation is more an art than a science and demands in-depth knowledge of the market. Its for this reason that we are firm believers in working as closely as possible with clients to determine the final number, composition and characteristics of segments.


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Obtain a free question in our upcoming onmibus directed to vets in the UK

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